Concrete Flux: Co-founder of journal and collective

Co-producer with Sophie Dyer.

Collective members past and present: Tom Baxter, Emma Karasz, Aaron Fox-Lerner, Kendra Schaefer, Simon Zhou, Ceres Xi, Yuanr Fuca.

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Concrete Flux is an experimental documentary unit that commissions and collates works which move between the poetic and journalistic, fictional and non-fictional.

Since its first iteration in 2013, Concrete Flux 流泥 has become an unsolicited inquiry into the possibilities of aesthetic journalism. Where aesthetics is understood as the always political, always collective act of rendering the world sensitive. Concrete Flux 流泥 is a consciously multilingual project, which pivots around the ongoing processes of self-organisation, translation, and transmission. All content is published in Chinese and English, in print and online. ✺

LA Art Book Fair, Printed Matter, New York, Archizines, Facing Pages Arhnem, Tokyo Art Book Fair, Beijing Design Week, Guangzhou Art Book Fair, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo Montevideo, CFCCA Manchester