Episode 03: Research and initial filming towards a film, 2018-19

In collaboration with Asia Bazdyrieva. Sonic collaboration with Jessika Khazrik. Filming support from Alexey Orlov and Derrick Wang.

With support from the Digital Earth Fellowship and TNNN

With mentorship from Jussi Parrika.

In residence at I:projectspace, Beijing and Tentacles, Bangkok.

NLP collaboration with Qiao Lin for nnn.freeport.global

While working towards a documentary, we spent three months researching the Digital Belt and Road initiative—the Big Earth Data programme supporting Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
        Starting from an empty cinema hall at the centre of the Remote Sensing and Digital Earth Institute, Beijing, Geocinema has been tracing the filming of earths along with its supporting planetary-scale data infrastructures. Tuning into orbiting satellites, new efforts to standardize, collaborate and share such earth data is seen as one of the most urgent affairs in times of increasingly changing climates.
        We took a series of trips in Beijing and to the first branch of the DBAR programme in Thailand to further research the mirrored processes of imaging and terraformation, filming a series of interviews, archival materials, set-ups, models and imaginings.  
        While DBAR’s main claim is towards being able to deliver visualizations of the nearest future forecasts of markets, populations, disasters and climates— we ask if there are ways to stitch together other futures and imaginaries?

Stills from two channel video lecture performance at Transmediale 2019.