Geocinema: Method

Episodic documentary series and research project

May 2018- present

In collaboration with Asia Bazdyrieva and Alexey Orlov.

Main project homepage:

Geocinema’ considers planetary-scale sensory networks —cell phones, surveillance cameras, satellites, geosensors— as a vastly distributed cinematic apparatus: a camera. Sensing fragments of the earth each signal and transfer runs through their own sets of scales and temporalities while producing terabytes of raw data. Here, the representation of the earth is the sum of a decentralized editing process with its image anything but whole.
        A series of investigations into ‘geocinema’ unfolds in four parts. Each follows entangled strands into what these sensing networks might mean through an expanded field of cinema. Our method takes cues from these techniques of sensing, tracing the ‘hows’ of their stitching processes used for imperial observation, surveillance, verification, and tracking. These processes contribute to a visual culture, whether planned or accidental, co-editing into an archive of and for an uncertain future-present. If this camera, through its montage and intervals, is framing a form of ‘geocinema’, we’d like to point it towards a mode of seeing otherwise. ✺


05.18      The New Normal, Strelka Institute Moscow

10.18        Geocinema, the Influencers Barcelona

12.18        Future of the Zone, ICA London

02.19       Living Networks, Transmediale Berlin


09.18       Geokino, Strelka Institute, Omsk, Siberia

03.19       NYU Shanghai

Exhibited in

02.19       University of Salford’s MediaCity
                Campus, Manchester