Solveig Suess
filmmaker, designer, researcher

Documentary-led research


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Solveig Suess is a filmmaker and designer who works primarily between Berlin and Beijing. However, her practice addresses collisions between changing climates and infrastructures of migration, trade, computation and optics.
        A graduate of the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths and Strelka Institute, Moscow, she is currently working on ‘Geocinema’ with Asia Bazdyrieva under the Digital Earth Fellowship where she examines infrastructures of earth-sensing data as forms of cinema. She is also working with User Group, a cooperative designing and developing open source software for climate change adaptation, humanitarian response, and environmental engagement.
        She co-produces 流泥 Concrete Flux along with Sophie Dyer; an experimental documentary platform that publishes accounts of aesthetic journalism. Her documentaries have been shown internationally including at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Images Festival Toronto, Tabakalera Centre for Contemporary Culture, the Istanbul Design Biennial, amongst others.


Fellow The New Normal
       Strelka Institute, Moscow ‘18
MA Research Architecture Centre for Research Architecture,
        Goldsmiths University, London ‘17

BA(hons) Visual Communication
        Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow ‘12

Fellowships and Residencies
⦁ Digital Earth Fellowship as Geocinema, based in Yi Project Space and Tentacles, Beijing and Bangkok, 2018-19
⦁ Geocinema selected to be commissioned as part of The New Networked Normal (NNN).
⦁ Selected as part of ‘Bright Futures’ Shorts, International Film Festival Rotterdam, with travel grant from the British Council, 2018
⦁ Tabakalera Residency Program as Concrete Flux, San Sebastián, 2017
⦁ Belligerent Eyes, 5k Confinement Film residency and school,  Fondazione Prada, Venice, 2016 ⦁ Part of Everyday Urbanism series with the MA Research Architecture Class, Arts Catalyst Centre for Art, Science & Technology, London, 2015 ⦁ Participant of research-led design workshop, GDA Artez Summer Session Symbolic City, Beijing, 2014 ⦁ Participant selected and funded by European Alternatives, Transnational Dialogues as part of the China Research Caravan, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, 2014 ⦁ Two month residency with access to Li Xianting’s Film Fund, platform for Chinese independent films & documentaries, Chintsao Space, Songzhuang, Beijing, 2011